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零售商面临着一个复杂而充满挑战的局面. 网上购物的急剧增长, customer demands for more convenient ways to shop and the logistical challenges of home delivery, curbside and in-store pick-up services are a strain to already limited resources, 过时的流程和落后的技术. Stay nimble and strike the right balance between digital and physical sales to meet changing consumer preferences and adapt your operating model to increase efficiency and achieve profitability.  

我们就如何改善现金流提供建议, 优化店铺业绩,增加渠道客流量, so you can provide customers with value beyond price competition. You need a proactive plan to maintain a strong brand that enhances the retail store or dining experience and establishes a seamless customer experience across multiple channels—without compromising the bottom line.  

如果你在执行一个多部门的行动, 你需要更严格的成本控制, transparency across locations and insights into consumer buying habits. It’s critical to work with an advisor who can flex with you as you navigate your growth trajectory.  我们了解零售业的演变. 我们将帮助您利用店内数据, online and mobile channels to better leverage customer behaviours and preferences. 成为值得信赖的审计领导者, 税务及咨询, 我们提供的商业解决方案绝不是现成的. 


Your restaurant operations must be as nimble as ever to adjust to rising costs, 艰难的劳动力vwin娱乐场官方和不断变化的消费者偏好. 虽然存在障碍,但也有真正的增长机会. You need critical insights and visibility into customer behaviour to adapt your real estate strategies and operating model. Our professionals have the right experience to help you get ahead. 



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