Consumer products industry trends and issues

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RSM understands the evolution of the consumer products industry. The impact of consumer preferences, 政府的政策, and the world economic outlook are creating opportunities and challenges for consumer products executives across the industry. The very definition and scope of the consumer products industry is evolving due to the blurring of lines among manufacturers, distributors and retailers as more branded companies sell directly to consumers through e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores.


There are challenges and opportunities facing all segments of the food and beverage sector—from production and processing to the distribution of proteins, 乳制品, 生产, 零食和更多. 行业等问题 changing consumer preferences, 创新, and food and worker safety issues are placing tremendous pressure on industry executives. 在回应, food and beverage companies and agribusiness organizations are reshaping their operations to respond to customer needs while enhancing their efficiency.

Retail and restaurant

RSM understands retail’s evolution. The lines separating manufacturers, distributors and retailers are blurring due to e-commerce that enables more companies to sell directly to consumers. 在回应, retailers have designed omnichannel strategies based on building relationships with customers wherever they buy, 在准备中, online or via smartphone. Competition from manufacturers selling direct and e-commerce’s global reach is creating an even more bruising marketplace, with more pressure on margins—particularly for retailers with heavy brick-and-mortar investment and inefficient e-commerce platforms.

类似的, restaurants are experiencing an acceleration of key challenges and opportunities around mergers and acquisitions, changes to consumer preferences and technology, and managing costs associated with labour and real estate.

Fashion, beauty and home

时尚, beauty and home sectors are always changing, and the pace is only accelerating more every day. RSM helps clients keep up with this fast pace. Shifts in the world economic outlook, the retail landscape and consumer preferences are creating opportunities and challenges for executives across industry sectors, from textile manufacturers to beauty brands and everything in between. RSM’s professionals advise on effective responses to these issues—and provide guidance and help to address emerging threats and opportunities just over the horizon.

Services for consumer products companies

From driving growth and managing risk to fostering 创新 and meeting operational challenges, consumer products company executives need support from a trusted, knowledgeable advisor. 无论你的需要, RSM professionals have the experience, insights and relevant skills to help you solve your most complex business challenges. Here are some of the services we provide: